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2046 CIA Memo: Solo ET Lands Ship in Desert

  • This is the first confirmed, real-time, live landing of a space vehicle on Earth. -- Sci-fi short story by Jon Rappoport

Monsanto Rep Protests Against Protest

  • A protest against Monsanto--the hand that feeds you? Have you lost your minds? -- Animated video by Bill Demarest

Just Another Saturday Night
  • "What the Hell, Jerry??" Delores threw the wadded up t-shirt at the lumpen shape on the sofa... -- Short story by Lisa Pemrick

Hillary Clinton Sings: "Why Do They Hate Me in Haiti?"

  • The Clinton Foundation is trying hard to do "charitable work" -- Video by June Shellene

The Proposition in Astral Locale 27-B

  • He went all the way out, floating above thousands of tiny mirrors in an ocean of surveillance. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

New World Order Cartoons

  • Cartoons by Chris Katko

The Unwanted

  • Psychics and telepaths were discovered in the late twentieth century. Laws were passed to...  -- Sci-fi short story by William Estes

The Machine

  • Since I got the machine put in, everything's got a new kick to it. A new angle... -- Sci-fi short story by Paul Henson

Why Not Poems

  • Crisscrossing America several times, I wrote poems.  Fragments.  It was not anything I saw... -- Poetry by Jon Rappoport

Images of Life & Imagination by Virginia Stoner

  • Check out my new fine art website. All my new work will be posted there going forward.

Paintings by Else Berg

  • Berg was was a Polish-born Dutch painter associated with the Bergense School.

I Write a New Ending for Orwell's 1984

  • Winston Smith, the hero of Orwell’s 1984, has just been arrested for crimes against the State. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

Why is Art Such a Problem?

  • The year was 2066. There were no more show trials condemning traitors. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

Prisoner 428 at Yale/Harvard

  • Before our two universities merged in the glorious revolution launched by the People’s Movement. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

A Key Conversation about the Machine

  • On September 20, 2046, John Jones was ushered into the office of X. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport


Amazing measles vaccine saved lives before it existed

  • Groundbreaking research shows the measles vaccine saved lives decades before it was invented, due to the Prescience Effect. Satire by Ginny Stoner.

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Minnesota Measles Terror!

  • 90% of this news broadcast wound up on the cutting room floor. But we have the raw footage! -- Animated satire by Ginny Stoner

Ray Kurzweil Unfrozen!

  • After more than two decades in the deep freeze, he's finally been thawed out and uploaded into the Singularity! -- Animated satire by Ginny Stoner

Adore-ski David Gorski, Cointel Whore-ski

  • Gorski reveals the secrets to his success as a medical counterintelligence agent in the blogosphere. -- Animated satire by Ginny Stoner

Mind Management & Media Maneuvers

  • The overlords would never have thrown their mainstream media minions under the bus without backup. -- Animated satire by Ginny Stoner

Universes for Everybody, Don't Wait, Act Now!

  • Here are several ads from an interdimensional newspaper that might prove informative. -- Satire by Jon Rappoport

Trump Wall Crumbles Under the Weight of Reality
  • Trump needed a solution to the crisis of illegal immigration, but it had to be a solution that wouldn't solve anything. -- Satire by Ginny Stoner

Bathtub Journalism by Jon Rappoport

  • Immersion journalism merges with bathtub humor in a sudsy new genre known as bathtub journalism. -- Video satire by Jon Rappoport

Facebook Ministry of Truth:

Real News, Fake News & Ghost News

  • The Ministry sorts out the Real News, Fake News and Ghost News. -- Satire by Ginny Stoner

Wake Up to Donut Earth Truth!

  • For more than 2000 years, people thought the earth was a sphere. Or maybe flat. Now we know better. -- Satire by Ginny Stoner

Operation Shocked & Appalled: Secrets of the 2016 Election Puppet Show Revealed!

  • A behind-the-scenes look at the epic 2016 election battle. -- Satire by Ginny Stoner

News Break: CDC Police State Backfires!

  • The CDC wants to pass rules that will turn the U.S. into a medical police state. What could possibly go wrong? -- Video satire by Ginny Stoner

Pediatricians: What's Not to Trust?

  • When it comes to vaccines, what do pediatricians know? What would a mother of 'above average intelligence' do? -- Video satire by Ginny Stoner

Infestation of Conspiracy Theorists: Are You at Risk?

  • They’re like cockroaches, lurking in the cupboards of civilization, ready to scurry out of every crack in consensus reality. -- Satire by Ginny Stoner

Open letter to all leaders of the Cannibal Coalition

  • The human animal is a tenacious critter and after billions died the rest of us realized there was one food source left. -- Satire by Rick Carufel

Who Knew? The Other Side of the HPV Vaccine Story

  • A new advertising campaign for the Gardasil HPV vaccine is tugging at the heartstrings of concerned parents. -- Video parody by Ginny Stoner

The Bilderberg Group: Love is the Answer

  • The Bilderbergers have been the target of constant bullying. Is this the kind of example we want to set for our children? -- Satire by Ginny Stoner

Disaster Strikes 2016 UNICEF Vaccine Campaign

  • Seems the Vaccine Church is in serious trouble. -- News from the satirical reality of 2016 by Ginny Stoner

Divided We Stand

  • Who is the enemy? -- A comic by Sam Cook

A Heartwarming Vaccine Success Story

  • An inspiring vaccine success story to get people back on board with the vaccination program. -- Satire by Ginny Stoner

NWO Reporter News Break: Vaxxed!

  • The movie Vaxxed was nixed by Tribeca in 2016. As the future would have it, it wouldn't be the only time. -- Video satire by Ginny Stoner




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