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Political Cartoons by Chris Katko

  • Check out more of Chris Katko's work at He's available for commissions! 

Instructions to the Citizens of Earth

  • Citizens of Earth: You know what the lines are. Stay within the lines. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport 

Art by Virginia Stoner

  • Recent additions to the Art Gallery: life drawing in pastel.

What is Your Reality?

  • On a spring morning in the year 2042, Citizen Smith Q Smith was brought into NA Court 12. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

Therapy on the way to Mars

  • In the middle of a session in his Beverly Hills office, a therapist looked away from his patient. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

Paintings by Carl Spitzweg

  • Spitzweg was a German painter who often included satire within his portraits and landscapes.

A Little Bit of Telepathy

  • During the summer of 1962, I was living in a borrowed studio on 19th St. in Manhattan. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

Lunar Eclipse in Full

  • A short film by writer, journalist and filmmaker Allan C. Weisbecker, author of the cult classic Cosmic Banditos.

Poem 456

  • The moon is not waiting. The sun is not waiting. They hear no more words. -- Poem by Jon Rappoport

A Trip Through Honey Country

  • A torrent of abuse followed a crackling gunshot. I turned around to investigate... -- Short story by Ishtiaque Hossain 

Astronaut Debrief

  • Here is what he said in a closed room in Houston when he came back. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

Robots: A Play in One Brief Act
  • On June 6, 2046, John Smith, Exec-54g7a, was fired from his job. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

The Sandman: A Short Story

  • They invited me through the door into the room in the desert. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport.

Many Universes

  • There are many universes. And that means there are many inventors of universes. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport

New Poem

  • Spring afternoon in New York. Music. Café. -- Poem by Jon Rappoport

Poem32 Under the Gun in All Countries

  • Everyone knows there is no medicine in a poem. -- Poem by Jon Rappoport

The Artist

  • The artist dispenses with ordinary reality like a man taking off his hat. -- Short story by Jon Rappoport 

Paintings by Hasegawa Tohaku

    Tohaku is considered one of Japan's most important artists.

Man of the World

  • On the night he was born, he stole a billion dollars. -- Poem by Jon Rappoport

Paintings by Wassily Kandinsky

  • Kandinsky was a Russian painter and art theorist, and was credited with painting the first purely abstract works.

Short Stories & Art

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