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Welcome to your glorious globalist future!

The NWO Reporter is the only website that receives a direct news feed from 28 years in the future, and occasionally from elsewhere in the time flow. Time travel on the internet is now a reality thanks to the miracle of TimeFlowVision technology, a product developed by GlobalUnifiedMegaCorp in the year 2042. 

Impossible, you say?  Hardly.  How's it done?  We can't tell you.  If we did, you might get the patent before GlobalUnifiedMegaCorp, and we can't have that. 

GlobalUnifiedMegaCorp owns a piece of everything.  And the technology of time travel on the Web is one of the most important things ever to own.

Here's a hint:  Web wormholes.  Start looking.

We hope you enjoy this glimpse of things to come. If you think you live in a satire now, just wait 'til you see your future!


Time Travel on the Internet is Now a Reality!