A Heartwarming Vaccine Success Story

By Ginny Stoner | nworeporter.com

April 22, 2044
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The year 2016 was a particularly troubling year for health authorities and pharmaceutical companies. On the vaccination front, radicals were looking at data, and saying that improved nutrition, sanitation and living conditions—not vaccines—had saved the world from deadly diseases. Doctors, nurses, scientists and even celebrities were speaking out, saying that injecting children with neurotoxins and chemicals was not as safe and healthy as people had been led to believe. In spite of diligent efforts to keep those subversive ideas from the general public for The Greater Good, more and more people were finding out about them, and questioning the well-established miracle of vaccination.

Those problems have only grown worse in the year 2044. Even though scientists have been working hard to develop more and better vaccines, and lawmakers have been working hard to find more and better ways to make people take them, demand is still far lower than the market can bear.

So today, in partnership with the Rockefeller Center for Medical Compliance, our news team brings you an inspiring vaccine success story to get people back on board with the vaccination program. Set your selfish interests aside for a moment and read this heartwarming story of a young mother named Janice Ottnot, and her precious daughter Amy.


My name is Janice, and the little girl in the photo is my daughter Amy. She’s a vaccine success story. At eight years old, she has NEVER had polio, measles, mumps, rubella, whooping cough, tetanus, diphtheria, meningococcal, hepatitis, chicken pox, or any of the other forty-two terrifying diseases she’s been vaccinated for. The only side effect she’s ever had is a sore arm.  

I believe in science, and I trust my doctor. If I believed in God, I’d thank him every day for the miracle of modern medicine. Without it, Amy probably wouldn’t even be here today.

Medical science has given me the inhalers Amy needs to stop fatal asthma attacks, and the insulin she needs for her diabetes. Advanced pain medications allow her to play like any other child, even with her rheumatoid arthritis. And doctors have finally found the right mix of medications to stop her head-banging, so she can attend regular classes at Blessed Autistic Elementary.  

I wish all those anti-science conspiracy theorists could stand in my shoes for one day, so they could see how modern medicine has given Amy a chance to live a normal life.       

Amy received her first vaccination on the day she was born, to protect her from hepatitis. As a responsible parent, I wanted to make sure she’d be safe if she had sex with an infected person, or shot up heroin. She had a booster a month later, and had no side effects whatsoever from either vaccine.   

When Amy was only six weeks old, doctors saved her life for the first time. She went into anaphylactic shock when I breathed on her after eating a peanut butter sandwich. The doctors say she has the peanut allergy gene, a mutation that started to spread far and wide sometime in the 1980s.

At two months, Amy had her first major round of vaccines. She got the RV, the DTaP, the Hib, the PCV, the IPV, and a few other acronyms I don’t remember. But the doctor assured me they are all terrifying diseases my child is at great risk for. Amy’s little arms and legs were sore for a few days, but otherwise she was just fine. Every parent who has done their research like I have knows that vaccines are extraordinarily safe.  

On the way home from the doctor’s office that day, Amy had her first seizure. As a new parent, it scared me, and I rushed her back to the clinic. But the doctor said it was not nearly as scary as it seemed. He said sometimes vaccines bring out seizures a child is going to have anyway, and it was good we identified her predisposition to seizures early. He started Amy on anti-seizure medication, and she’s hardly had any since. Thank goodness for modern medicine! 

At four months old, Amy had her next round of vaccines. She got all the same shots she had the last time, so she’d be doubly protected. Again, there were no side effects, other than a little soreness.  

That night, Amy had a fever. She was arching her back, and crying with a piercing scream I had never heard before. I called the nurse at the after-hours clinic, but she assured me it was perfectly normal. I was grateful that expert medical advice was only a phone call away. Within a few days, Amy quieted down—in fact, she was quieter than she’d ever been before. Such a good baby!

Amy had her next round of vaccines at six months. She got all the same vaccines she'd had before again, so she was triply protected. Plus she got her very first flu shot. I took pictures of the big event for her baby album. A baby’s first flu shot is like her first steps—she’ll be getting flu shots and walking her entire life, but there’s only one first time.

Amy was a little fussy for her shots that day, but I knew I was doing the right thing as I held her tiny struggling body down on the exam table. A half dozen pricks of a needle is a lot better than a half dozen terrifying diseases that can attack with no warning at the most inconvenient times and last for days—that is, if she manages to survive.   

That night, Amy seemed listless and weak, and one of her eyelids looked droopy. I’m cautious when it comes to my child’s health, so I called the clinic just in case. The nurse assured me there was no cause for concern, and I was probably just imagining it anyway. I felt foolish for being such a worry-wart, but better safe than sorry.

When she was a year old, Amy had more vaccinations. Some were the same ones she had before, so she’d be quadruply protected, plus she got a few more, and another flu shot thrown in for good measure. Once again, she had no side effects at all, other than a little soreness at the injection sites.

For the next few days, Amy screamed at the top of her lungs, ran a high fever, and didn’t want to eat, but the on-call nurse said it was all perfectly normal. Being a mother is certainly no walk in the park. I purchased some earplugs, turned up the television, and rode it out.

A week later, I had the fright of my life when Amy’s baby monitor alarm went off, and I found her in her crib all blue and not breathing. I always used the monitor, because Amy had breathing problems from the time she was two months old. It always seemed to flare up in the weeks following her wellness checkups, which my doctor said was just a coincidence. 

Amy had never turned blue before, so I was really scared. I called the ambulance and performed CPR until they got there. Thankfully, by the time we got to the hospital, Amy was breathing on her own again. The doctors ran dozens of tests, but they couldn’t find anything wrong. They said my quick thinking had probably saved Amy from Sudden Unexplained Infant Death. If only they had a vaccine for that!

Every year, scientists come out with more vaccines so kids can be protected from more and more deadly germs. Back in the olden days of 1983, kids only got twenty-four shots all through childhood--it's a miracle any survived. By 2016 they were up to seventy-four shots, and now in 2044, they are up to a hundred and twenty-four, and still climbing. The human body is filled with trillions of different terrifying germs, so scientists still have a long way to go. There’s no need to worry about the number of vaccines, because experts say babies can have 10,000 or more at one time with no problems.

At eighteen months, Amy got more vaccines, including five brand new ones that had just been added to the schedule. As usual, the only side effect was a little soreness.    

Over the next few weeks, Amy decided to stop talking. She also stopped looking at me, and spent hours just staring out the window and pounding it with her fist. Eventually she broke it, and I decided to consult an expert in child development. After a battery of highly scientific tests, Amy was diagnosed with infantile depression and baby psychosis. The doctors say it’s genetic, and she’ll most likely have to be medicated for the rest of her life. I feel so fortunate to live in the modern age, where children like Amy with mental disorders can get the treatment they need.

Amy was right on schedule for her two year vaccinations. Once again, there were no major side effects. She didn’t even cry that day, just stared at the ceiling while the doctor gave her shot after shot, all over her little body. She’s such a trooper.

It was a few weeks later when the head-banging started. Amy was constantly looking for anything to bang her head on. Her therapist said it was probably just a phase, and upped her psych meds just to be on the safe side. But it didn’t do the trick, and after Amy destroyed my new laptop and most of my fine china, I sought help from a head-banging specialist.  

Finally, Amy was diagnosed with autism. I was so relieved when I found out Amy would not be left behind in the autism revolution sweeping across the nation. Autism is a blessing, and she’s one of the blessed—one of the Indigo Children, a new breed of human. They may not be able to do all the things “normal” people do, like speak in complete sentences, balance a checkbook or cook their own meals. But they are the forerunners of a new type of human--ideal for the next great leap in human evolution: transhumanism. In the transhuman revolution, the bodies of humans will combine with the minds of machines to create a new kind of super-computing human with no disorganized thoughts of its own.

Life hasn’t been easy for Amy, and she’s had her fair share of medical challenges. She was diagnosed with diabetes when she was only three years old; asthma when she was five; and rheumatoid arthritis when she was only seven. The doctor assures me I’ve done everything I can as a parent, and that I’m not alone. More and more children are born every day with faulty genes for autism, allergies, asthma, diabetes, arthritis, cancer, and a host of other diseases. Scientists are working hard to get human evolution back on the right track, but until they find a way to fix the genes, children like Amy will have to rely on medical science to give them a chance for a normal life.

Every year, Amy receives all of her recommended vaccinations on schedule. Can you imagine if she had to endure terrible diseases like chicken pox, mumps, measles and flu on top of all her other medical problems? It makes me shudder to think about it. I will never understand how any responsible parent could put their child at risk for any vaccine-preventable diseases.

These days, Amy’s favorite pastime is sitting on the commuter platform, watching the high-speed trains whiz by. In just a few years, she’ll quality for placement in a special residential treatment facility for Indigo children. There, she’ll be part of the testing phase for our brave new transhuman world, at the forefront of humanity’s evolution from mediocrity to biological super-computer. I feel so proud, knowing Amy will be part of something so important.        

Until the government takes over my parenting duties, I will always make sure Amy is fully up to date on all her vaccinations. I feel confident, knowing I’m giving my child the best care medical science has to offer.