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The Bilderberg Group: Love is the Answer

An important message of love from the editor.

By Ginny Stoner |

June 20, 2044

Ever since the Bilderberg Group was discovered in the 1970s, its members have been the target of constant bullying. Is this the kind of example we want to set for our children?      

Each year at the Bilderberg confab, overlords of government, royalty, banking, business and media from around the world gather for a luxury working retreat. But their chance for a relaxing powwow to plan world domination in secret is marred by hoards of the unimportant clamoring at the guarded gates, demanding to know what’s going on inside.

“Which nations will go to war this year? Which economies will be destroyed? What terrorist groups will be funded, and which countries will they target? What viruses will threaten to end civilization as we know it, and which companies will make the vaccines to save us? Who will be our next President, Prime Minister or dictator?”

The avalanche of meddling questions goes on, and on, and on. But the harassment doesn’t stop there—it continues online and in print all year, every year, as bullies calling themselves “activists” try to sort out who attended the Bilderberg meetings, why they were there, and what they have up the sleeves of their $30,000 suits.

Top psychiatrists attribute the shameful Bilderberg bullying to the green eyed monster: jealousy.  

Jealousy Leads to Hate

The Bilderbergers are some of the wealthiest and most powerful movers and shakers of the world, so jealousy is only natural. Who wouldn’t long to be in their designer shoes, plotting the covert extermination of undesirables, manufacturing consent to slavery, and consolidating control of every natural and human resource on the planet?

Jealousy leads not only to bullying, but also to the third most powerful emotion known to mankind: hate. Experts assure us that hate can actually be a good thing—but only if it’s directed at people other than the Bilderbergers.

Hate is a great distraction from important business affairs of the Bilderberg Group—affairs too shocking for regular folks with a conscience. Hate is even better when it’s directed at haters. We need hate for the different races and religions, atheists, gays, the cis gendered, liberals, conservatives, the rich and the poor. And we need even more hate for those who hate them—it’s a layer cake of hate we can have, and eat, too. The important thing is to have people we can finger as the source of all human misery, because that’s where the finger of hate belongs—safely pointed at anyone other than the Bilderbergers.

The Unifying Force of Fear

The second most powerful emotion known to mankind is fear. Fear is the great unifier, the frosting that holds the layer cake of hate together. Like hate, fear can also be a good thing—but only if the Bilderbergers don’t have any. They can’t be expected to plan global hegemony in top form if they are haunted by fear of deadly mosquito drones, probes of their reptilian ancestry, or exposure of their satanic connections or kiddie porn collections.

We can count on the Bilderberg Group to plan the best possible fearmongering to unify people around the world. Whether the threat will be a deadly virus, a mass shooting, a world war or an invasion from outer space, we won’t know until it happens—and that uncertainty of the next terrible threat adds a sweet layer of sprinkles to the frosted layer cake of hate and fear that we can all eat together.

Love is the Answer

Let’s face it—the overlords have always been with us, and always will be. The apocryphal philosopher Aldous Huxley told us about this inevitable state of affairs decades ago, and he should know—after all, he was one of them.

Unfortunately, some people waste their lives brooding with hate for the Bilderberg overlords, frightening them with their bullying. They’re like a wet blanket at the consensus party, where everyone else is enjoying a delicious frosted layer cake of hate and fear with sprinkles. They haven’t learned the most important lesson Aldous Huxley taught us: to love our servitude. Love is the most powerful force in the universe.

If your friend, neighbor, or family member hasn’t learned how to love their servitude, the most loving thing you can do is report them to the proper authorities. Once they are safely in loving custody, they can receive the treatment and reeducation they need to eat cake and be happy at the New World Order party.

Remember: Love is the answer.