NOTE: The NWO Reporter quickly got tired of trying to keep up with the constant stream of manufactured problems, so we discontinued this attempt at record-keeping.

Instead, we will just assume that each new problem has been manufactured by the Global Overlords, unless proven otherwise. That approach is sure to save time, as well as maximize our chances of being right.

The problem may have been manufactured by transforming an otherwise fairly benign situation, like a common virus or a disgruntled mentally ill person, into a real or illusory emergency, like an alleged pandemic threat to civilization, or a well-armed terrorist. Or, the problem may have been manufactured by hoaxing an entire tragic event, in much the same way Hollywood movies are made. Or, it may have been a hybrid of those techniques. Whatever the case may be, we sure won't be counting on any major media sources to clue us in. 

Problem-Reaction-Solution Archive

Your Historical Guide to Constant Panic

January 30, 2015:

The current dreadful

problem-reaction-solution is: 

OMG!  Measles!!!

January 7, 2015

The current global

problem-reaction-solution is: 

Charlie Hebdo Massacre!

Can't remember which horrendous crisis we were facing at any given moment?  You've come to the right place (for crises starting January 2015).     

The metamorphosis from individual liberty to an all-powerful global government doesn't just happen overnight, you know.  It takes years filled with a constant stream of crises, for which the only logical reaction is fear, and the only logical solution is a more powerful government and less individual liberty. 

Remember, it's all about caring.  It's not an organized criminal conspiracy at the highest levels of government and industry -- only a crazy person would think that!

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