Lunar Eclipse in Full

By Allan C. Weisbecker |

November 4, 2015
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About Allan C. Weisbecker:

I’m a writer with three books in print: A cult-hit autobiographical novel called Cosmic Banditos and two memoirs, In Search of Captain Zero; A Surfer’s Road Trip Beyond the End of the Road and my latest, Can’t You Get Along With Anyone? A Writer’s Memoir and a Tale of a Lost Surfer’s Paradise. The first two have been bought for the movies, by John Cusack (with New Crime Productions) and Sean Penn (with Radar Pictures) respectively. In both deals I was hired on as screenwriter.

I am also a journalist plus a photojournalist; I’ve done articles and spreads for magazines as diverse as Men’s Journal (including a cover photo), Smithsonian (a 13 page spread), The Surfer’s Journal, Popular Photography, and American Cowboy. In my last memoir (CYGAWA) appeared the long version of an investigative piece I did for Men’s Journal in 1997; an expose of the truth behind the murder of American expat Max Dalton in outback Costa Rica.

I was a ‘Hollywood writer’ for over twenty years. I was one of the initial staff writers on Miami Vice; I was also on staff for Crime Story, Michael Mann’s follow up TV series. I went on to write the screenplay for Beer, a Robert Chartoff (Rocky, The Right Stuff, Raging Bull, etc, etc) production,from my original idea, a comedy about a beer advertising campaign that gets out of hand.

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