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Man of the World

By Jon Rappoport | | OutsideTheRealityMachine

Image by Giovanni Paolo Pannini [PD]

June 19, 2015

On the night he was born
He stole a billion dollars

Engineered from the mathematics of his crib
He bought and sold oil on paper
And digital gold mines in the Orion Belt

He was taught Homer and the songs of the great wanderers, and at a tender age, strolling through long gardens, bought all the insane asylums in New York State

Upon graduation from an academy no one could find on a map, he wrote a dissertation, My Disenchantment with Non-Lethal Viruses

He rapidly rose in the ranks of an army that was unattached to any nation and he broke ground on a chain of banks invented to launder
Any item in the galaxy that wasn’t nailed down

It was once reported: he loves cats and insects under glass and drinks a glass of sherry before dinner

According to his wife, whom no one knows, when he speaks during dreams at night, he moves fluidly between Latin and 3350 BC Sumerian

He helps the poor
He derides the irresponsibly rich
He wants more trees
And no automobiles
He plans to reincarnate as a pandemic

His name is stricken from all university curricula and rivers run or are dammed by his task forces

He writes: I wonder how I can hold legal title to the night and the mystifying shapes that run across the mind

I wonder how I can reduce the planet to a molecule in a bell jar on my father’s mantle

I wonder if there is a theoretical absolute to how many boxes of crimes within crimes can be structured in a single government

He plays tennis on his lawn Thursday afternoons with an old friend whose face he tries to remember

He opens a safe in his study wall and removes a black box and presses colored buttons whose functions have escaped him

He walks along the old creek on a summer afternoon and thinks back to a time whose images have faded
and may have originally been inserted by a machine

He picks a flower from a grave and pauses to consider whether he is buried there


(Man of the World  reprinted here with permission of the of the author.)