Experts Say Social Engineering is a

Crazy Conspiracy Theory

By Ginny Stoner |

Image by David Dees |

November 28, 2043
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After years of extensive scientific research, experts have concluded that social engineering is a crazy conspiracy theory.

“The idea that our beliefs and behavior are being covertly manipulated behind the scenes is a dangerous myth,” said respected sociologist Dr. Razz Persiflage. “It’s an insane idea being propagated by extremists trying to stop civilization from perceiving Indisputable Truth and achieving Blissful Oneness.”

According to Dr. Persiflage, the social engineering conspiracy theory took off after the publication of two books in the 1920s: Propaganda and Crystallizing Public Opinion, both authored by Edward Bernays. These books, which are easy reading for any young adult or older, create a deceptive impression that there are sophisticated methods for manipulating the beliefs and behavior of the public without them realizing it—and that power players in government and industry are actually using them.

Today, social engineering conspiracy theorists frighten people into believing that advancements in technology, such as electromagnetic energy, have amped up covert mind control to even higher levels.

Compounding the confusion are numerous graduate programs in the social sciences, law, medicine and technology, which insane conspiracy theorists insist are training people to covertly manipulate society for the benefit of the global oligarchy. But, as everyone who’s attended one of these programs knows, they are merely designed to train the best and the brightest among us to discern Indisputable Truth and share it with everyone—including those who need a little helping hand to discern it.

“People are too sophisticated to be manipulated without knowing it,” said Dr. Persiflage. “In order for mind control to work, the subjects would have to go to a laboratory somewhere, sign a consent form, and don some kind of helmet with lots of wires sticking out of it, or at least some headphones.

“Social engineering conspiracy theorists are trying to convince people their beliefs and behavior are being manipulated by television and media, education, science, law--even official experts. Don’t be taken in by these dangerous extremists. Any covert social engineering programs that may once have existed in a misguided attempt to benefit humanity, such as the CIA’s MKUltra program, have been completely defunct since the 1970s, when there was a sudden evolution of integrity.”

Dr. Persiflage strongly cautions against any contact with dangerous conspiracy theories about social engineering. They are known to be a primary cause of Uncomfortable Uncertainty, often leading to a serious mental illness known as Cognitive Dissonance.

“There are absolutely no people in high places manipulating our beliefs and behavior for nefarious purposes,” said Dr. Persiflage. “Rest assured that everything you believe and do is purely the result of your own objective and keen insight.”