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New Trilateral Commission Theme Song!

Check out the new Trilateral Commission theme song, sung to the tune of Top of the World by Van Halen.*  Play the song and sing along with our tribute to the top men and women who keep the engines of tyranny humming in our glorious New World Order. 

*Van Halen declined to do a remake of their famous song for the TC, citing concerns about “burning for eternity in the depths of hell.”


Yay, slavery.  Woo! 

We know you believe you’re free

That’s all we really need.  Uh-huh

No, no, nothin’s gonna stop us

Nothin’ gonna make you see.  Oh, no

Yay, slavery, uh – isn’t any way out

Oh, little people, now come on

What’s it all about?

Dancin’ on top of the world

The Trilateral

Dancin’ on top of the world

We’re takin’ all you got

Oh, you trust your media

You wanna have your sweet malaise

We just want your minds and souls and all

Your banks and real estate.  Yeah

Yay, slavery, woo!  Take it nice ‘n meek.  Ooh!

Oh, little people

We’re gonna walk down Easy Street

Dancin’ on top of the world

The Trilateral

Dancin’ on top of the world

We’re takin’ all you got

(Ooo-ooo-ooo) Slavery, love the feelin’

(Ooo-ooo) Oh, we wanna make you bow

(Ooo-ooo-ooo-ooo) See the whole free world turn upside down 

(Guitar Solo)

Yay, slavery, woo!

Someday, we’ll be dancin’ on top of the world

The Trilateral

Dancin’ on top of the world

‘Til we get stung

Dancin’ on top of the world

The Trilateral

Dancin’ on top of the world

We’re takin’ all you got

(Dancin’ on top) Yay slavery

(Dancin’ on top) Yay evil. Woo!

Dancin’ on top

Dancin’ on top

Dancin' on top


Trilateral Commission: 

Dancin' on Top of the World

By Ginny Stoner |

Image by Ginny Stoner |

January 18, 2043
Way back in 1973, two historic heroes of the New World Order, David Rockefeller and Zbigniew Brzezinski (known as D-Rock and Z-Big) had a brilliant idea:  why not form a secret behind-the-scenes mafia to infiltrate governments and orchestrate a global takeover?  It was the best possible solution for avoiding the cumbersome restrictions of a constitutional republic, and the sentimental attachment of the People to government transparency.   

And so the Trilateral Commission was born.  Like a child of Illuminati inbreeding gone wrong, the TC was carefully kept out of sight in its infancy, safe from the unpleasant scrutiny that would surely follow from public exposure.     

D-Rock and Z-Big’s powerful secret nearly came to light in 1978, when an unusually curious reporter named Jeremiah Novak started asking nosy questions, like “who’s really running the U.S. government?” and “who’s deciding international policy?”  Shockingly, two cocky TC members actually told him.

Fortunately, by that time, the twisted tentacles of the Trilateral Commission had already wormed their way into the back pockets of every influential politician and media outlet in the country, thus narrowly averting a national open discussion that might have proved fatal to its plan for world domination.

By the time Saint Obama took office in 2008, the TC had matured into a powerful contingent of impeccably dressed wraiths of tyranny – a desirable asset for any successful politician.  He appointed a generous handful of TC wraiths to key posts in his administration, then sat back to await the rewards of service to insidious evil in between official duties and golf games.

Today, the Trilateral Commission enjoys an endless supply of well-compensated servants, anxious to play a role in its historic conquest of humanity.  Membership in the TC is largely determined by lineage, but anyone possessing an innate sense of superiority and a willingness to sell their immortal soul is invited to serve the TC team.



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