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Peace out, minions!

We're partnering here with GlobalUnifiedMegaCorp and TimeFlowVision to bring you The New World Order Reporter -- it's a li'l glimpse of the glorious globalist future comin' down your road.  It's all part of the Natural Order o' Things, so sit back and enjoy the ride, or you might be findin' yourself on my Presidential Kill List.  Just kiddin' -- we'd never tell you if you're on that list!


That's when the Global Overlords finally wised up and started lettin' the black brothers in -- by which I mean .000000001% of 1% of the black brothers -- the cream of the crop, so to speak, of which I am one.

The Overlords don't invite puppets into the club, that's for sure. 


​Image credits: | Ed.
​Image credits: | Ed.

That I would progress to this executive level, as the first 4-term Supreme President of the N.A.U. -- that was inevitable.  All ya gotta do is check out my sounds, my moves, my bling, and the pyramid sign I make with my hands to know that.  It's the gang sign of the Global Overlords, revealed to me when I was invited into the Illuminati Club by Saint Obama, back in your day. 

A Special Message from Supreme President Jay-Hova-Z 

& First Biatch Beyond-Sane

07/01/2042 | Ginny Stoner |

As Supreme First Biatch, I've made it my humanitarian mission to put an end to starvation wages in the poverty-stricken Third World. My 789th clothing line, First Biatch Originals, and my mega-corporation, Beyond-Sane Conglomerated Clothing, has been a big part of the solution.  By converting to robot labor for over 98% of our manufacturing processes, BS Conglomerated has eliminated almost all of the starvation wages we used to pay peasants in the Third World.  Problem solved!

Brilliant, baby, brilliant!

Genuflect, world citizens, for a special message from the Supreme President of the North American Union!

Yo, future minions of the New World Order and servants of the Global Overlords! Welcome to your glorious globalist future from me and my fine First Biatch, Beyond-Sane!