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Thompson:  *chuckling*  Truth is, I don’t think the people in charge realized just how important vaccines were back in the Brady Bunch days.  They were still hanging their hat on genetic engineering to bring Aldus Huxley’s dream of a Brave New World to fruition – to turn humanity into a herd of compliant, mindless androids.  No offense, Henry.

Foster:  None taken.

Thompson:  *whispering* You have your sim-tech running, right?

Foster:  Of course, Bill -- please speak freely.  No one will see or hear anything except the two of us engaged in a pleasant chat about your grandchildren, Walt Whitman, and the old masters.  I’ll give you a wrap-up when we’re done.

Thompson:  Thanks, Henry.  Anyway, the genetic researchers didn’t want to admit it, given the generous flow of funding, but the promise of genetic engineering was going bust by 2015.  They never really could figure out exactly what made anything alive tick.  For the most part, they were just shooting in the dark.  They needed something like vaccines to weaken minds and bodies in the meantime.            

Foster:  A lot of people were starting to question the integrity of the vaccine science by 2015.  The medical-pharmaceutical alliance seemed to be scrambling for ways to turn the tables back around. 

Thompson:  You got that right.  Panic was starting to creep in at the highest levels.  In a very real way, Henry, the entire future of the New World Order was riding on vaccines.  If people lost faith in that Supreme God of Settled Science, the entire control grid might all fall like dominoes.

Foster:  I understand there may be a congressional hearing coming up in 2015, with you as the star witness.

Thompson:  Yes.  They have a spectacular official whitewash lined up.  The “outbreaks” happening now, they’re setting the stage.  They’re shoring up the demand, so to speak.  There’s quite an elaborate production in the works. 

Foster:  Tell us about it.   

Thompson:  You’re going to see a lot of different styles of pro-vax articles running in the major media.  Some will seem more objective and scientific, others will be more controversial, such as demanding that parents who don’t vaccinate their kids be jailed, or the licenses of doctors who oppose vaccines be revoked.  You’ll even see satire reinforcing the idea that anyone who questions vaccines is an idiot.  We called it “onionized” satire. 

They’re monitoring the comments on all those articles closely, and doing a lot of opinion polls.  People are busy behind the scenes, analyzing the data.  They’re using it to formulate more effective propaganda, and orchestrate the best strategy for the congressional hearing.

Foster:  Who is doing all this analysis?  Do they know the agenda behind it?

Thompson:  Most of them are clueless, but they’ve got very high IQs.  They know they’re manipulating everything behind the backs of the public, but they really believe they’re saving the world by doing it. 

They trust the science implicitly.  Like everyone else on the face of the planet, the mantra that vaccines saved the world from death and disease has been drilled into them since childhood.  They’ve never bothered to investigate whether or not it’s true – they just assume it must be, or all the smart people around them wouldn’t believe it.  Which explains how so many smart people can be wrong. 

It’s a self-sustaining system of delusion, Henry.  I should know, I was part of it.

Foster:  I understand what you’re saying, Bill.  They all believed it was the consensus of everyone smart enough to pay attention to. 

Thompson:  Exactly.  What none of us understood at the time was that anyone who didn’t accept the official consensus never made it onto the team.  Or if they did, they didn’t last long. 

Foster:  So why did the vaccine illusion start to crumble?

Thompson:  It was all the independent media that started to spring up on the Internet in the early part of the century.  The major media were all on the official team, of course, but the Web made it possible for the dissenters to really be heard on a widespread scale, for the first time.  People started hearing from all the doctors and researchers pointing out that facts everyone took for granted weren’t true.  They were opening holes in the official story, and bringing conflicting research to light.    

Turns out these dissenters had been around from the very beginning, ever since vaccines were invented.  But that history had been kept under wraps, for the most part.  Once the entire medical system and all the major media and is under your thumb, you can lead public opinion wherever you want to.  Any evidence that didn’t support the official mantra -- and there was a mountain of it -- was simply buried under a thick pile of propaganda. 

Foster:  But so many respected doctors and researchers like you stood behind vaccines.  Aren’t you the best of the best of the brightest? 

Thompson:  It’s not that simple, Henry.  Like I said earlier, our careers depended on total immersion in the self-sustaining system of delusion.      

At the time we buried data from that study in 2004, and for all those years afterward, it bothered me, but I told myself what we all told ourselves – that vaccines saved the world, so if we had to fudge a little here and there to make sure everyone got them, it was justified. 

We knew from psychological research that people, if given a choice, won’t accept risk for themselves or their own children, just for the sake of the herd.  A parent who's told a vaccine prevents disease, but might destroy their child's life, generally won't be inclined to go for it -- especially if the disease it's supposed to prevent isn't particularly deadly.  So we needed to make the risks of vaccines seem essentially nonexistent.  We were the smart ones, and it was up to us to manage the herd for the good of all.  Or so we believed. 

Even after my confession in the summer of 2014, I couldn’t face what was really going on – that research was being steered around identifying the risks and benefits, and that no one was keeping track of the damage.  No one really wanted to know just how many were being sacrificed for the sake of the herd.  Measles, for example, won't kill a healthy child.  And no one wants to be disabled for life to avoid chicken pox.   

The vaccine rabbit hole is deep, Henry, and the deeper you go, the darker it gets.  I was still on the outside of that rabbit hole looking in – and I didn’t want to go inside.   

Foster:  Yes, you pretty much clammed up after your confession came out.  What happened?

Thompson:  My bosses at the CDC steered me to the right lawyer, someone who was used to working hand-in-hand with federal lawyers, keeping a low profile on anything too smelly for the public laundry.  I wasn’t your usual whistleblower, you know.  I was actually a full participant in the fraud.  I was scared to death, of a lot of things.

Foster:  That’s quite understandable, Bill – considering the nature of the beast we’re dealing with here. 

Thompson:  No question about it, Henry.  Nothing, and I mean nothing, is going to bring any admission from the top that the whole vaccine paradigm is wrong.  The only thing that’s going to stop it is for the people to see through it, and refuse it, with everything they've got.      

There’s too much at stake, for those at the top.  There’s the money, of course – hundreds of billions of dollars, trillions even.  It’s not just the vaccines and the drugs.  There’s a whole secondary market in iatrogenic disease – diseases caused by the vaccines and drugs down the road.  

But it’s more, Henry.  At its root, it’s about destruction of the mind.  There’s no way a small ruling class can take over the world if everyone is strong and healthy and has a clear mind to think for themselves.

Can you imagine where we might be today if all those hundreds of billions of dollars that have been spent over the decades researching chemical treatments for disease, had instead been spent on figuring out what nutrients and other things people need to prevent it?  For the people at the top of the pyramid, it’s the stuff of nightmares.    

Foster:  Tell us what else is in store for 2015, Bill.   

Thompson:  Federal indictments are in the works, related to the recordings of my confessions – a la Linda Tripp.   They’ll be used for diversion and coercion, to demonize and silence the opposition.  And also to ensure I don’t have to answer for anything on those recordings in the congressional hearings.  Suggestions will be fabricated that the recordings were doctored. 

Foster:  But surely indictments wouldn’t be successful, Bill.  You were exposing what appeared to be an organized criminal conspiracy involving people at the highest levels of government and industry.  Anyone in his right mind possessing a conscience would record that.

Thompson:  That’s the thing about criminal indictments, Henry – they don’t have to be successful or even legitimate to destroy lives.  The accusation is all it takes for the devastation, to drag someone through the mud and suck their last penny dry.            

Foster:  What about the congressional hearing?   What’s planned for that?

Thompson:  A big dog and pony show, Henry. 

The plan for the hearing was all mapped out in advance.  I was given immunity from prosecution, so everyone would assume I had no reason not to be completely forthcoming.  I would tell congressional investigators about my concerns on suppressing data in that 2004 study, and only that one study.  I wouldn’t mention fraud – which of course is what any legitimate researcher would call it when you analyze data, then eliminate the parts that gave you a result you didn't want.  Instead, I would talk about “study protocols” not being followed. 

The other researchers involved in the study, they will stick together like Super Glue.  Nothing will pry them apart. 

All of us will reiterate, as often and as loudly as possible, that vaccines saved the world, and that everyone should be vaccinated with every vaccine, all the time.    

In the end, the finding will be that “professionals sometimes disagree.”

I will be patted on the back, and hailed as a beacon of CDC virtue.  They will point to me as evidence of the CDC’s integrity and trustworthiness.  I’ll be their proof that conscientious dissent is welcome in the organization.

In return, I will keep my job and my pension.  I will even get a nice bonus and an early retirement, just to show there are no hard feelings.     

Foster:  Tell me, Bill, if you could go back 28 years, if you had a complete do-over, would you have done anything differently? 

Thompson:  If I knew then what I know now, Henry, I like to believe I would have. 

Twenty-eight years ago, I couldn’t bring myself to look at the truth.  In spite of everything, I was mired in a deep state of denial.  I was terrified.  I was faced with losing everything -- everything I’d ever worked for, everything I’d ever believed in.  And I knew they would stop at nothing, and I mean nothing, to silence me.

What I realize now, is…I had an opportunity to save the world.  I mean, to really change the world, in a profound way – to put humanity on an entirely different path.

Foster:  Do you have any advice that might help the people back in 2015?

Thompson:  I’ve thought about that a lot, Henry.  Have you ever noticed how you never see a real debate – I mean a face-to-face, no-holds-barred, in-depth debate between experts on both sides?  There’s a reason for that, and it’s not because people challenging the vaccine paradigm don’t want one.  If that would have happened back in 2015, things might have turned out a lot differently.  

People like Dr. Paul Offit – there was a line of people who would have jumped at the chance to debate that little weasel.  He turned them down every time.  He knew he would blow the whole game wide open. 

Most people don’t know this, but Offit actually died back in 2001.  They stuffed him with GMO corncob pellets and turned him into a wind-up doll with a prototype artificial intelligence known as Snarky.  They didn’t tell anyone, for fear he would give AI a bad name – a wise decision, in retrospect.  He was the very first android to pass as human.

Foster:  Fascinating.  I can’t say it’s a complete surprise.      

Thompson:  Henry, you’re sending everything I’ve told you back in time, back to 2015.  I wonder…do you think…is it possible…

Foster:  You’re wondering if it’s possible to change the past, from the future?

Thompson:  Yes, Henry.  Do you know the answer?

Foster:  I’m afraid not, Bill.  I guess only time will tell.



The Future Confession of CDC Whistleblower Dr. William W. Thompson

By Ginny Stoner |

Image by NWO Reporter

February 12, 2043
Twenty-nine years ago, in 2014, the rumblings of a major earthquake began in the vaccine world when Dr. William W. Thompson, a respected researcher with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), made a confession:  ten years earlier, in 2004, he and several other researchers at the CDC had buried data showing that the Measles-Mumps-Rubella vaccine, known as the “Triple Whammy," was linked to an increase in autism.

It was by far the first time evidence of serious harm from vaccines had been brushed under the CDC rug, and it was certainly not the last.  In fact, it was a well-established tradition by that time.

In August of 2042, NWO Reporter contributing editor Henry Foster interviewed Dr. Thompson for a retrospective look at the vaccine research fraud in his suite at the Senior Resort for the Aged Affluent, conveniently located in the middle of nowhere for the benefit of relatives who prefer not to visit very often.

Shortly afterward, an undercover investigation by Henry revealed that the Senior Resort, in spite of its outward appearance of luxury, is actually a sophisticated total surveillance prison masquerading as a posh retirement home, designed especially for people like Dr. Thompson, who know things that certain very important people prefer others don’t.  Visitors willing to face the two-hour drive up a winding mountain road to get there are allowed, as is an occasional short furlough for the more trusted residents.  Tea is served at 4:00.   

Fortunately for journalistic freedom, Henry Foster is a very high-tech “off the grid” android investigative reporter, equipped with surveillance interference technology and a holographic simulator.  These assets allow him to carry on a very different conversation than it seems to nearby cameras and microphones.

While Henry’s sim-tech may seem like science fiction in the year 2015, it was actually well on its way to perfection by that time.  In fact, by 2032, the technology had advanced so far that it was used to accomplish an entirely believable simulated worldwide “alien invasion” – but that’s a different story for another time.

Last week, Henry received another invitation from Dr. Thompson for a visit to the Senior Resort.  While he suspected Bill might simply be lonely in his swanky prison in the middle of nowhere, Henry decided to go anyway.  He was very glad he did, because as it turns out, Dr. Thompson wanted to give Henry a heads-up:  2015 would be the year the vaccine SHTF.


Thompson:  If I remember correctly, Henry, the year 2015 is in the middle of a series of measles “outbreaks” right now, with a few whooping cough chasers on the side. 

Foster:  Yes, so they say.  The numbers are nothing terribly unusual, and measles is hardly a deadly disease in industrialized nations, but the CDC and the media have never been ones to get too bogged down by details.  Oddly, much of the population doesn’t seem to mind much – it’s almost as if they really enjoy a good crisis.    

Thompson:  So true, Henry.  Get a few eggheads to make scary pronouncements, flood the media with tales of impending doom, and people eat it up and beg for more.  I guess when life is so starved for purpose and meaning, almost anything tastes good.

Foster:  Strange how people forget so quickly.  It was only a few decades earlier when The Brady Bunch used measles as a comedy shtick for one of its shows. 

Thompson:   I remember that from when I was a kid!  You’d don’t happen to have that video on you, do you Henry?  I could use a little mindless nostalgia.

Foster:  Sure, Bill – have a watch: