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The False Flag Sympathy App:

Instantly show solidarity with the victims when the next tragedy strikes!

By Ginny Stoner |

Image by NWO Reporter

November 19, 2043

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With all the false flag operations going on around the world these days, changing your Facebook or other social media profile pic to show your sympathy can get confusing.

Heart strings around the world are getting tugged, while the shadow government is busy orchestrating wars and enhancing the surveillance and control grid. If you don’t stay on top of the tragedies, your online friends might think you don’t care about all those who lost their lives for the noble of cause of global oligarchy.

The new False Flag Sympathy App makes it easy to let everyone know you decry all the violence ostensibly used by whatever terrorist group is being blamed this time. Was it really ISIS? Or was it Mossad, MI6, the CIA, or some other shadowy team of global psychopaths in disguise?

Let’s face it: you’ll never know for sure, so why not trust the official story being served to you on a silver platter by all the major media?

The important thing to remember is: don’t ever ask where they get their weapons, who provides their food, transportation and fancy black paramilitary gear, who provides all their sophisticated military training, or how they manage to cross any border with impunity.

The solution to the problem of worldwide terrorism is obvious: more fear, more surveillance, more restrictions on speech, disarming everyone except the government and their minions and puppetmasters, more memes about the importance of tolerance and caring, and last but not least, a social media profile pic blanketed with the flag of the latest nation on the hit list!